Steve Jefroy


Steve Jefroy

BCee / Spreadhead Records


As head of renowned label Spearhead Records, BCee’s golden ear has introduced a galaxy of new talent to the world. Artists like SPY, Netsky & Technimatic cut their teeth at the label, rubbing shoulders with scene giants like Danny Byrd and Alix Perez. BCee’s love of discovering and developing young, promising artists such as Hybrid Minds, Dexcell and LSB makes him a natural fit with the Clinic ethos.

After starting his DJ career in 1995, BCee fell in love with the sound of musical Drum & Bass in 2001. Teaming up with Kubiks, the duo went on to launch Rubik Records in 2002 with their debut production ‘Life Changes’. In 2005 he teamed up with Lomax (Loadstar) and together they released 30+ tracks on labels including Innerground, Fokuz, Nu:Directions and more.

At the same time BCee launched Spearhead Records and has been touring the Spearhead sound all around the globe ever since.

BCee’s debut solo EP ‘Generations’ was released in 2009 and in 2010 Spearhead Records released ‘5, Re:Mixed, Re:Wired, Re:Wound’ mixed by BCee to celebrate 5 years of the labels success.

In 2011 BCee released his debut LP, ‘Beat The System’ to critical acclaim. This was followed up in 2012 with ‘Remix The System’ which included reworkings from Marcus Intalex, Octane & DLR, Mutated Forms, Metrik, Technimatic, Logistics, Matrix and more.

BCee continues to build on his reputation for refined beats and, alongside his regular releases on Spearhead Records, has been on remix duty for Jakwob, Stretch & Vern, Seba, Hybrid Minds, Camo & Krooked and Ad-Apt.

BCee recently released his third LP ‘Come And Join Us’ and heads up the enormously popular Spearhead club events which have become regular features across the UK & Europe.

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