Pavel Kalina


Pavel Kalina

Musical Composer & Producer, director of Musartedo school


Pavel Kalina is a Czech composer of stage and film music, producer and director of the school Musartedo. Studied composition at the Prague Conservatory. In 1988 he participated in the International Workshop of Contemporary Music in Poland under the leadership of composers Luca Ferrari, Luigi Nono, Henryk Górecki and others. In 1989 he studied contemporary music in Paris and Lisbon with the support of the French Foundation “Fondation pour une entraide Intellectuelle Européene”.

In 1993, Pavel Kalina founded and led as chief editor of the magazine Harmony, which is substantively dedicated to classical music and jazz. In the same year he founded the Golden Harmony Award, which was awarded annually to the best recordings of classical and jazz music. Theater play ‘Očištění’, on which he wrote the music in 2010, won the prestigious Alfred Radok as the best theater in the same year. In 2008, he wrote music for the Robin Hood for the revolving auditorium in Český Krumlov. It soon became one of the most successful and is still on the repertoire.

In 2015, Paul Kalina, founded the first private school in the Czech Republic called Musartedo, which deals with education in the field of electronic music production and DJing. The school is dedicated to Czech music learning environment, but collaborates with companies and institutions at the international level. It was the first Czech school, which enables its students to purchase EDU licenses, and is also the first Czech school that allows students called. Hands-on learning, which means that each student works during lessons at their own workstation with a fully equipped production facilities. The school has currently about 50 students and their number is growing.