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Nuklear MC

MC / Eatbrain


Nuklear MC, a name that people have seen a lot of over these recent years. Hailing from the UK, he first started out on his journey in the world of Drum & Bass in 2009. From hosting local house parties on the mic to performing live on stage in night clubs and at raves across the country. Known for his solid and low toned voice, Nuklear has a sharp ear for a good beat and ability to pick up on a vibe that will have him laying down his gritty lyrical content, that will compliment the music with cold and dark energy. Continuing to hone his skills with the music that inspired him, he has learned a lot in the process by finding out there is so much more to making a vocal track than just recording the lyrics and adding a few effects.

Gaining notoriety and starting to work with an array of talented producers, Nuklear has built up quite a playlist. One of his most popular collaborations was released on Eatbrain’s epic first album “Tales Of The Undead”. A monstrous track named “Killcode”produced by Qo and then later remixed by Mindscape, where Nuklear’s vocals sound deep, twisted and evil. One to really get the crowd going crazy and the start of many more features to come with the Eatbrain family as he has said it is his favourite sound. Also teaming up with Italian producer Maztek, notching up two releases, one track called “What We Bring” released on BTK’s label Dutty Audio, and the other called “Crank It Up” that was released on the legendary Renegade Hardware. Nuklear later joined forces with BTK & Optiv to create the heavy track “Ground Shaker” featuring on their “Blackjack LP” released on Virus recordings. Most recently working with Audio & Prolix for the track “Creatures” on Audio’s mighty album “Beastmode” out on Ram Records, a real dance floor killer!

Through his explosive lyrics and dedication to Drum & Bass, Nuklear has gained recognition from figures across the industry and being known for having an atmospheric presence on the live stage. Having worked live on set alongside some of the leading artists such as Chase & Status, DJ Fresh, Nero, Audio, Calyx & Teebee, Jade & Mindscape to name just a few. Performing at iconic venues such as Fabric and Ministry of Sound in London and being a resident MC for the legendary Renegade Hardware night. By the sounds of it, Nuklear has plenty more in store for us all and it doesn’t look like this guy is going to be slowing down any time soon.

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