Josef Sedloň


Josef Sedloň

Musical Visionary, Radio Moderator, DJ & Promoter


Musical visionary, radio moderator, music editor, DJ, and also promoter.

Since 1991 he has been hosting his own  radio shows with his choice of music, mainly on Prague Radio 1 but also on ČRo Vltava. After 8 years of being in charge of the Lighthouse Promotion Agency he started collaborating in 2005 with the Palac Akropolis club, Prague on the Music Infinity concert series, and from 2013 also on the Spectaculare Festival program and dramaturgy. In both cases he has tried to introduce the most interesting projects or bands from the contemporary alternative/electronica music scene. Since 2005 he has been involved as co-producer in  various electronica projects, such as Uncless and Universal Loosers.

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