Forrest Hunt


Forrest Hunt

Forrest Hunt / EP Insomniac, Electric Daisy Carnival


Forrest Hunt is the Executive Producer for Insomniac, the producers of the world’s premier electronic dance music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival. Entrenched in the Los Angeles underground dance music scene since he was a teenager, Forrest cites his love and passion for drum & bass as continuing to be the driving force for his success to this day. With an unparalleled dedication to the dancefloor experience, Forrest has quickly risen through the ranks of Insomniac and become a key component to the ongoing success of the brand. Responsible for coordinating and executing both massive and small-scale events over the course of his fifteen years with Insomniac, Forrest is also responsible for spearheading the explosive success of Insomniac’s Bassrush brand. Known as the leading bass music promoter in the world, Bassrush strives to remain on the cutting edge of the drum & bass, dubstep, and trap side of things, whether hosting stages at all the major Insomniac festivals in North America, the UK, and beyond, or intimate one-off’s in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. With plans to continue to expand the brand internationally, Forrest is sure to remain an essential figure in the ongoing evolution of bass music culture worldwide.

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