Dano Kvak


Dano Kvak

Producer and sound engineer / Warner, Chappell


Dano Kvak is a Czech producer and sound engineer, currently publishing at Warner / Chappell. He started with production in 2009, shortly after that, under the pseudonym Psychical Research he appeared as one of the first Czechs in the channel NeurofunkGrid. Over the next few years he had the opportunity to play at events such as Let It Roll, Imagination, Rock For People, UKF and more.
The turning point, however, came in 2013. During a stay in hospital he started to focus on the slower pace of electronic music. Thanks his great hearing he started working for channel MA Music as a music scout, later as a sound engineer involved in projects for UKF, Tasty, Buygore, OWSLA, Trap And Bass etc. Nowadays he focuses primarily on music production for films and commercials, but also co-production and vocalist for the band.

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