Clayton Hines


Clayton Hines

Founder of Renegade Hardware


Clayton Hines and his label ‘Renegade Hardware’ have been a backbone of the industry for over two decades. Starting back in 1995 Renegade Hardware has without question cemented itself as one of the most pioneering Drum & Bass labels in the world.

Over the past 20 years, Hardware has shaped and shifted the Drum & Bass scene, steadily setting standards, pushing boundaries, and being instrumental in forming the darker and technical sounds of the genre, to help form a future for artists and fans around the world.

With an exceptional ability to spot and nurture raw talent, the label has proved to be a breeding ground and unique platform for producers to develop into established artists. Just a glance at the back catalogue throws out a multitude of household names, from the original legends such as Future Forces, Usual Suspects, Future Cut, Konflict and of course the label residents Ink & Loxy, to the new skool leaders of Pendulum, Noisia, Friction, Spor and Chase & Status. All these names and many more have been etched not only into Hardware wax, but more importantly in to the minds of the legions of their dedicated fans.

Up until the labels recent closure, Hardware’s evolution had one element remain constant throughout it’s existence – the future. Releasing the most forward thinking music is the foundation on which the label is built on and the legacy it will leave behind, not bending to trends or following fashions.

The motto has always been simple… Influential, not influenced. Future beats, for future people.

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