Let It Roll team
Let It Roll Team

Let It Roll is on the scene since 2003 and the numbers of visitors have been growing annually. The breakthrough came in 2008 when Let It Roll in Chiran was sold out and held the first Open Air festival. Nowadays Let It Roll is the world’s largest drum and bass festival.

Pythius DJ / Blackout Recordings

Hylke Klazema aka Pythius has been with Blackout since the early beginnings and helped the label develop into the international powerhouse it is today. Growing along with the label both professionally and musically under his alias Pythius, Hylke has been an influential figure within the Dutch drum and bass scene for years. From the very ...

Black Sun Empire
Producers / Blackout

Black Sun Empire represent the finest in dark and tech fueled dance-floor drum & bass. Since bursting onto the scene back in 2000, they’ve continued to develop their own unique style and sound, releasing numerous singles as well as four full-length LPs and establishing themselves as leaders in the field.

Changing Faces
Producer, DJ

Hailing from Slovakia, Changing Faces is the upcoming name in Drum and Bass. This young producer will take you into the world of deeply rolling bass. Timeless melodies, fresh polished drums and warm bass foundation already caught attention of RAM, UKF including their label Pilot, Liquicity, Fokuz Recordings, and many more. Inspired and supported by ...

Producer, DJ

In 2005 he fished his studies at the SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in Sydney. After returning to the Czech Republic he began to fully focus on the production of electronic music, mainly drum and bass and sound engineering. In 2007 he released his first track on vinyl on the English label Defcom. From the ...

Dano Kvak
Producer and sound engineer / Warner, Chappell

Dano Kvak is a Czech producer and sound engineer, currently publishing at Warner / Chappell. He started with production in 2009, shortly after that, under the pseudonym Psychical Research he appeared as one of the first Czechs in the channel NeurofunkGrid. Over the next few years he had the opportunity to play at events such as Let ...

Filip Macháček

Graduate of the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. More than 14 years of law experience, dealing with, among other things, copyright. Longtime collaborator of Let It Roll, Roxy and many artists both from the Czech Republic and abroad. During his career he participated in an asset entry of a foreign partner into one ...

Pavel Kalina
Musical Composer & Producer, director of Musartedo school

Pavel Kalina is a Czech composer of stage and film music, producer and director of the school Musartedo. Studied composition at the Prague Conservatory. In 1988 he participated in the International Workshop of Contemporary Music in Poland under the leadership of composers Luca Ferrari, Luigi Nono, Henryk Górecki and others. In 1989 he studied contemporary ...

Producer, DJ

Prolix will be a familiar name to most hardened Drum and Bass heads, with a back catalogue that has seen releases on some of the most prolific and respected labels in the industry such as RAM, Playaz & Ganja Tek, VISION, Blackout, Renegade Hardware, Metalheadz, Viper, Virus, OWSLA/MTA and most recently signing exclusively to Shogun ...


Ondřej Krejčík aka A-Cray began producing in 2010 when his father, who himself played and composed techno, introduced its first DAW. From the beginning he focused more on finer and deeper production but gradually he began with strict tones. About two years later he became a member of the legendary crew Slánské Touch The Jungle ...

Tomáš Měřička MERAK
Producer, mastering engineer / io.lab records

Tomas Měřička aka MERAK is on the music scene since the late 90s as a music producer, mastering engineer and founder of the label io.lab records. During many years of practice he had the opportunity to work with a variety of domestic and foreign producers and his specialization have become a mix and mastering, especially in ...