DJs/Producers - House Music

Chocolate Puma is a Dutch DJ/Producers duo consisting of René ter Horst and Gaston Steenkist aka Dj Zki & Dobre. They are two of Holland’s most celebrated producers and with a career spanning 27 years, 400+ releases and countless remixes under their various guises make them a duo whose influence on the European dance music scene cannot be underestimated. The ...

DJ/Producer - Techno

DEAS (Karol Mozgawa), based in Cracow/Poland, born in Greece, is a music producer and DJ, who is fast becoming one of Techno’s most exciting breakthrough artists originating from Eastern Europe. One can recognize his Greek origins and East European upbringing in his music, where enthusiasm and fantasy blends in varying shades of Techno. He believes that music “is never a ...

Latino Hip-Hop group

Delinquent Habits is an American hip hop group, formed in South East Los Angeles in 1991, originally made up of two emcees Kemo The Blaxican (born David L.K. Thomas) and Ives Irie (born Ivan S. Martin), and a DJ/producer O.G. Style (born Alejandro R. Martinez). As a trio, they sold over 1 million copies of their single “Tres Delinquentes”, published ...

DJ/Producer - Drum & Bass

Forbidden Society is one of the most successful Czech Drum & Bass artists – not only he produces his own music, he also tours the world extensively as a DJ, runs his own Forbidden Society Recordings imprint plus his own merchandise store and has his own stage night at one of the biggest local festivals on top of that. Apart ...

MC/Vocalist - Jungle, Reggae

Irah is a well-known Jungle, Reggae & Dancehall MC/vocalist. He’s worked with producers and MCs such as Flowdan, Origin One, Terror Danjah or, most recently, Chase & Status. Their tune “Program” has instantly become a modern classic. He also runs his own badman comedy show – The Re-Fix Show.

DJ & Violinist - House Music

Kintra is a DJ/violin duo of twin sisters Frankie Elyse and Jozette, playing House Music. Frankie Elyse picked up DJing back in 2017 and she’s a resident DJ of the Groovers collective in Edinburgh. She’s also a broadcast journalist for BBC and runs a Glasgow night club Retronic. Her sister Jozette joined her with her violin last year and they’ve ...

DJ/Vocalist - Cinematic Bass Music

One of the most unique and exciting bass music outfits to emerge in recent times, Koven is the production alias of producer Max Rowat and fronted by DJ / Vocalist Katie ‘Koven’ Boyle. Spotted as one of the pioneering artists to back cinematic bass music Koven have been collating millions of online streams as well as a string of high ...

DJ/Producer - Breakbeat

Mafia Kiss is the solo project of multi award winning UK based producer/DJ Paul Baron. Recently cited by DJ Mag as one of the pioneers of the new breakbeat bass movement, his bass, break sound has secured Baron a space on the infamous Punks Music label founded by Stanton Warriors. The Stanton Sessions regular has produced releases & remixes on ...

DJ/Producer - Drum & Bass

Since the eruption of the young Dutch producerf PYTHIUS into the drum and bass sphere with his ABANDON EP on BLACKOUT MUSIC NL and performances such as his now legendary breakout decimation of the Blackout label stage at Let It Roll festival, his rise to dizzy heights in the scene’s community of creators has been exemplary. Now, following the release ...

DJ/Producer - Electroswing

Schinowatz, also known as -Schini- was born in 1980 in Salzburg / Austria. Schini started sampling & remixing in the early 90´s by using a turntable and two tapedecks, to perform as a DJ in 1996 and creating his own Sound since 2002. His musical background was based in the lifestyle “BBoying” – as a BBoy he learned a lot ...

DJ/Producer - Drum & Bass

Undoubtedly one of NZ’s finest international touring DJ / Producers; TREi, AKA Trevor Linnell, has been a leader in the Drum and Bass scene ‘downunder’ since 2007. With a slew of producers coming from Australia and New Zealand including Pendulum, The Upbeats, ShockOne, State of Mind, and Concord Dawn, TREi has made a name for himself with releases on prestigious ...

Moderator, PR - Roxy Prague

Hana has been interdisciplinarily involved in the music industry for more than a decade. Having a background in music journalism, photography and radio presenting, she has photographed or interviewed some of the biggest and most influential names on the drum and bass scene, and beyond. She hosted a radio show on Radio 1 Prague focusing on new and established talents ...

Preventist - Hard & Smart / DJ - E2jz

Jiří Klíma is a Czech Drum & Bass DJ (E2jz). He is a member of “Podané Ruce Society”, more specifically an active member of its program called Hard & Smart, which is a preventive and interventionist activity in a dance scene, nightlife and entertainment. It has long been focusing on selected risk factors that are often related to this environment, ...

PR manager - Beats For Love, Fabric / DJ - Mathiass O'zana

Matyáš Ožana (Mathiass O’zana) is a DJ from Ostrava, focusing on house music. He capitalizes on the experience he’s gathered behind the decks during his career since 2006 as a resident DJ at the biggest dance music festival in Central Europe – Beats For Love – where he also works as a PR manager, as well as while playing at ...

Club Manager - Storm Club Prague / DJ - Mazzon

Ondřej Veselka is a Czech Drum & Bass DJ (Mazzon) and a member of the popular “Upfockerz”. Jump-up is his “domain” and as a promoter, he’s working on the successful Duck Out club night and also takes part in throwing the Drop That! hall events. He’s currently working at Storm Club Prague as the club’s manager.