Beats Evolution Conference

There is no shortage of international music conferences. But none are 100% focused on the drum & bass community… Until now.

Introducing Beats Evolution Conference (BEC) in Prague: An all-encompassing D&B conference designed for the genre’s international community of industry professionals, artists and fans. BEC will address the full spectrum and highlight the ever-evolving needs and challenges faced by the drum & bass community; music, social media, technology, events and more will be covered as we explore every facet of the global scene… And celebrate the successes it’s already achieved.

If your heart beats at 170BPM, save the date… This one’s for you.

Drum & bass is worldwide: It punches its weight on both the underground and mainstream worlds and is one of the most technically perplexing genres, home to some of the most daring,and straight up forward-thinking sound design. D&B is unique. The electronic music underdog, many have been predicting its downfall over the years yet it’s persevered, evolved, and developed in ways no one ever believed imaginable: Achieving chart success and regular radio air-play, as well as maintaining a thriving underground, the genre has proven its longevity and versatility. In today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving online environment, there has never been a more appropriate time to address the challenges faced by industry professionals and those aspiring to become a part of the movement.

Why Prague? The Czech-capital has become an international hot-spot for drum & bass in recent years with Let It Roll evolving from its club night origins into the biggest D&B festival in the world. Hundreds of artists, industry professionals and flock to Prague every Summer and Winter for the festival, so it’s the perfect opportunity for us to unite in a city that cost-effective and easy to get to. A beautiful melting pot of culture and rich history, it’s the perfect location to play host to the world’s first international D&B conference as we build up to the world’s biggest D&B festival.

This is an opportunity to recognise the growing global D&B community. What began in the UK is now worldwide and BEC is here to amplify this fact. Over the two days the conference will help pioneering artists and labels from across the world grow and gain internationalexposure as well as giving already established labels a platform to swap ideas through comprehensive panel discussions and workshops.

Join us this in Summer 2018 as we add to drum & bass’s already rich history. No other event has ever been so focused on one goal: And that’s to bring as many of the global drum & bass community together to develop, strengthen and allow the scene to evolve even more. Twenty five years deep and the levels of passion and creativity in the genre have never been stronger.

Meet us in Prague, August 1st and in Milovice, at the site of Let It Roll festival, August 2nd, 3rd & 4th, as we amplify this message even more.

Join us for the conference and stay for the Let It Roll festival!

For whom is the conference?

  • Industry professionals
  • Artists
  • Fans